The Legal Status Of Kratom – Mitragyna Speciosa In Different Parts Of The World

Kratom is one of the most researched plant in the South East Asian region. The prime reason for the intensive studies of the plant is medicinal research to use the sedative action of the naturally abundant tree leaves for medical purposes.

However, over the time, there are much effective and safer medicines in the market, which make the research on Kratom a little irrelevant. Most importantly, the growing hype about Kratom has placed itself as one of the best replacements of addictions like opium and other narcotics. However, there is no research supporting this claim. The use of Kratom as a replacement of narcotics has alarmed authorities all over the world. The authorities in different parts of the world have imposed restrictions on purchase and use of Kratom and kratom strains such as Maeng Da Kratom. Here is a review of legal status of Kratom in different parts of the world.

United States
Kratom is legal to possess in United States, however it is classed as a controlled substance by the FDA.

United Kingdom
It is legal to carry a limited quantity of Kratom and carrying excess quantities might get you into trouble. There are no laws that restrict any kind of use of Kratom in United Kingdom, but there are restrictions in carrying excessive capacities and storing them.

The use of Kratom and carrying it is permissible in Europe except for a few countries Finland, Poland, Lithuania, Romania, and Sweden.

The Thai government is trying its best to completely ban the use of Kratom in narcotics. It is the second most used illegal narcotics in the country and there are efforts being made to ban the use of Kratom. The government has placed Kratom with other narcotics like cocaine and heroin. The government has strict regulations with sentences including imprisonment.

Myanmar has declared Kratom as a controlled substance in 1993. There are huge punishments on possession of Kratom and its derivatives.

Kratom is classified as dangerous drugs in Malaysia and possession of the drug calls for four year of imprisonment and 10,000 ringgit. The tough laws have enabled Malaysia to bring down the impact of drug in the nation.

Vietnam after the war faced a tough situation in curbing down the drug addiction in its society. The government has imposed strict laws to ensure there is no use of Kratom in the nation.

The other Asian countries have restricted the use of Kratom, as it is seen as a substitute of opium and other narcotics. It is illegal to carry Kratom in most of the nations. The Asian countries are trying to curb out the menace of Kratom and other drugs in the region.

Kratom is banned in Australia, one cannot carry the drug in Australia. It is strictly regulated and made a crime in the continent.

The African countries are not able to curb out the menace of drug menace. Most countries of the African continent are not able to form strict regulations and even enforce them. The varieties of Kratom which are grown in Africa are used in most parts of African continent. The African continent is a major source of substitutes of Kratom from Thailand. Some African countries have made strict laws but are not able to regulate the use and production of Kratom.

These are the various laws and regulations on use and storage of Kratom in various parts of the world. It is safe to say that when buying kratom we recommend Kratomystic as we’ve always had good experiences with them and their Maeng Da Kratom strain.